Full Voltage Starting
Firetrol® FTA1000 Full Voltage Fire Pump Controllers are intended for use with electric motor driven fire pumps where the capacity of the power source permits full voltage starting. Full voltage is applied to the motor as soon as the controller is actuated. The controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information.

Full voltage starting is simple and low cost and is preferred whenever the utility or emergency generator set will permit this type of starting

Firetrol fire pump controllers are listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL218, Standard for Fire Pump Controllers, CSA, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment, and approved by Factory Mutual. They are built to meet or exceed the requirements of the approving authorities as well as NEMA and the latest editions of NFPA 20, Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps, and NFPA 70, National Electrical Code.

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